Feni embankment collapse flooding seven villages

Seven villages of Fulgazi upazila in Feni district were submerged when the flood control embankment along River Muhuri collapsed. This caused damage to crops and homes.

The river flowed 140cm higher than its danger level, cutting off roads communications to Parshuram areas.

Sources from the upazila administration as well as the Water Development Board (WDB), stated that the flooding of water across the border caused damage to the Jaipur point in Fulgazi Sadar Union's embankment.

According to them, the floods brought Fulgazi Sadar Union and West Ghaniamora, East Ghaniamora & Kismat Ghaniamoa under water. This caused huge damage to houses and crops.

Nurul Islam, chairman Fulgazi Union Parishad, said that floodwaters flooded into villages through the damaged sections of the Jaipur embankment in sadar union.

Abdur Rahim, an East Ghania Mora Village resident, stated that his homestead was inundated. All of our crops have been destroyed.

Zahir Uddin (executive engineer at WDB Feni) stated that the Muhuri River water was flowing 140cm higher than the danger level. He said that the river would swell more if water from the downstream continues to flow in.

Local residents claimed that they were hit by three floods this monsoon: on July 1, August 26, and September 5, respectively. Floods are causing severe damage to the embankment, flooding the affected areas.

Floods, heavy monsoon rains, and cyclones are all common in Bangladesh, a delta country that is dotted by 230 rivers.

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